Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Over the last month I worked on my first order covering the whole rebranding of wonderful blog Calligraphando. Read all about the process and view images :)


  • logo design
  • brand design
  • website design
  • business card design

Meet the client

Cecilia is a wonderful woman from Italy who loves calligraphy. Calligraphando the place where she share her passion for calligraphy and the written word in any form. This is the place where she shows story of her handwriting and creativity, on how to calligraphy may become a part of everyday life. This is also an attempt to start up her own creative company designing and making great calligraphy stationery for events such as weddings, birthdays and similar. Giving customers the pleasure to have a uniquely designed and handmade stationery. CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE!

About the project

My job was to design fresh and elegant brand and blog mainly for women readers. Blog have to be clean and easy readable. We were looking for the correct color palette for some time until we decided to use colors referring to calligraphy, ink, paper with a little bit of red and pink. For logo I used Cecilia handwriting (she was so good and sent me a picture by email) then I change the photo into the vector and later design all elements in Illustrator. I made "C" monogram resembling dripping ink on paper, with red ink texture. Also I used this trick to design the buttons for website, background for post dates to look like steeped in black ink sheet of paper. Must have for Cecilia blog was: stick-to-top drop down menu and floating social media icons. After exchanging many emails with Cecilia I was able to capture the sophisticated style, pleasing to the eye, delicate but with a strong selection of red, referring to the subject of calligraphy. It was a great challenge and a wonderful time to design whole rebranding of Calligraphando, change and change again elements to, in the end, get such a great visual identity!





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Monday, February 24, 2014

Shop updates and life lately


I've been very busy lately with Pastel Feather Shop so my blog came down to second place. 
But today I'll give a little update whats going on :)

• due the many requests of color changes in Charlotte Blogger Template I decided to expand this product line with new colors. So here we have two new Charlotte blogger templates in shop: aqua / teal and violet / blue. Other color are in progress. I'm thinking about pink, green and yellow.

• I'm currently working on two brand new templates. One with neon yellow and teal watercolor theme and  one completely different with hexagonal shapes. Sweet! :)

• I'm trying learn a little bit calligraphy :) I did literally the first attempts in life with ordinary neon highlighters. 

(Here my first doodles)

I wanted to see if I even like it and if I have any talent in this field. But I really liked it and...I'm try-harding ;) I love modern calligraphy and I'm pinning here everything about it and  I'll be learning this skill from this pictures. I admire stunning style of Lindsay Letters , Mellisa Esplin and HejHeidi . So I'll have a serious trip to the stationery store for a decent markers, ink and pen. This thing is very fresh and I don't know anything about it, brushes, inks and techniques are a little blurry right now (like this picture - sorry for quality - my camera still broken)  but I can't wait to learn this! :)

• Finally, I started to arrange my 'office' and this week I bought a great big white desk and working on the decoration of my little corner. When ready it will share photographs because I can't wait to be ready and frankly, I need my own, pretty work space. I still jealously watching pictures of cool work-spaces, offices and office supplies on Pinterest, (here and here) But I want to build my place in accordance with the design, decore trends even with a very small budget. So what I can do I'll be DIY. Yay!

That's all for now! Stay awesome!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

soundsystem / 1

Hi! :)

We should stimulate all of our senses. The best proportionally :) 

But you can't, for example, everyday spend the same amount of time to smell the flowers in the meadow to keep your  sense of smell satisfied. Well unless you have so much free time... I don't.

I know I spend too much time on the computer ans tiring eyes of. Then I read a book, work, design, watch TV. Everything I do I use my eyes. Which is not good, because I have a big vision defect and shouldn't strain my eyes - especially shortsightedness. 

To get away from it, I become listen to the music - everyday. I never wonder about my music taste and what I like. I just listening the standard polish radio's where are played commercial music. I want to try something new and alternative. I discovered so many great songs and bands, rock bands, DJ's and instrumentalists that I gathered dozens of gigs of music.

So I dig into some music pages like soundcloud, spotify (which I never do before) and choose an 8tracks as my favorite radio / a little bit of social media music page. It's good to me because I always wanted to have an online music library with proper tags - like album, release year, genre etc. and I have in my computer a pretty big collection of songs. But sometimes I delete something by accident and my Windows Media Player connect with internet and change names and tags and I have a big mess anyway. Ugh. Do you know good PC program to keep music well organized ?   
Ok that enough of  entry to this post (a new series maybe?)

I want to share with you my recent and first of many (I hope so) favorite playlist:

  1. Les Djinns - Djuma Soundsystem
  2. Flicking Pages - The Timewriter
  3. Breathing Place - Vibrasphere
  4. Beautiful Things - Andain
  5. Think Twice - Ralph Myerz
  6. Bullets - Archive
  7. World Hold On - Bob Sinclar
  8. Kiara - Bonobo
  9. Trauma (Worakls Remix) - N'to
  10. If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray

This music is mix of electronic beats and two indie / rock song. They really help focus and I have goosebumps when I listening to it.

How do like this songs? Do you have favorite one and want to share with me? :) I'm looking forward to it! 

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Inspirations / 1 / Marion Bolognesi

As a designer I love, love art and everything eye-catching. I constantly looking for breathtaking painters and artist to follow and inspire. 

So I wanna to share with you some of my favorite fine arts or artist. 

Today I'll talk about amazing Marion Bolognesi.
Can we find the basic information on the official blog: Marion Bolognesi lives and works in New York City. Her interest in drawing, painting & fashion were evident at a very young age. In 2003 Marion received a BFA with a focus in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston, MA. After finishing undergrad, Marion moved to New York where she has worked in the arts for the past 8 years. Her time is split between accessories design and her personal passion for expressive, illustrative watercolor painting. Marion has exhibited her paintings and work around the globe.

Her work is stunning! This is mix of watercolor portraits with some crazy splashes and tears of paint. All are painted on a white background and devoid of facial contours. I have a feeling that it fills a lot of emotions that paint can not soak into the paper because of their excess, and roll off the cards. A m a z i n g! as a true fun of watercolor I immediately fall in love :)

Look at it yourself!
All Images Copyright © Marion Bolognesi

Of course not all the images I put here, because if you like her work, please visit the official website or  my Pinterest board in order to explore more and more! :)

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Quote of the week / 1


During a long absence from the blog last week, I've been thinking what direction I would go with my posts. The general concept I wanted to show what inspires me and drives as a designer, but I can't separate my work from ME. I came to the conclusion that in my blog I write only about business ( ha ha I write, sure - rather I put pictures) and skipping completely myself.

I would like to start writing also about life, my thoughts, try open to the world and people. I made up that
I'll use the fact that I am a quite a thinker, I'm always thinking how to improve myself, over-thinking some things over and over again. Really.

So I'm going to share with you my thoughts - all based on QUOTES. And searching the internet, reading books, you can find thousands of them and some just getting deep into my heart. I won't especially look for them in order to write something good - it's all about to show you what touched me recently, without any faking. So Friday is a quote day :)

So here we go! :)

If you are depressed you are living in the past.

These words I repeat like a mantra. They help me understand that sometimes it's better to let go. As  I mentioned earlier, very often I reenact some of situations, I wondering why and what goes so wrong, what I should do better. And after this I'm sad, it gives me a sense of dissatisfaction. Enough already! It's amazing because before I found this words I wasn't aware of that I sometime stuck in past. At my own request. I left it behind, and I'm so much better. :)

BUT! (why always have to be a but? :) ) It's ok to learn from mistakes. Think what really holds you back. Think now one more time about what should you do better next time and then take a big breath and l e t   g o! You will feel relief. I felt.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

TREASURE THURSDAY / 6 - We're Mint To Be Together

Another treasure is online!

I love pastel colors... You probably now this by my blog name. But pastel int and pink are - just special and stunning. This color combo is perfect for February and Valentine time.

Also I made this only from European shop so maybe we can reach the front-page? :) If you have etsy profile go here and hear, comments, click and share in facebook, twitter or pinterest :)

Are you like it?

'We're Mint To Be Together' by PastelFeatherStudio

Pastel stud earrings, geometric post earrings, spring fashion, mint stud earrings - Lepun pastel MINT BOW NECKLACE - iloveyoujewels Chloé Love Eau Florale Parfum Fragrance - Watercolor Perfume Bottle Illustration - MilkFoam Pastel Pink and Seafoam Swarovski Beaded Tassel Bracelet - minifabo
Mint and Apricot Cotton Crinkle Scarf hand dyed soft and dreamy - Schalrausch Handmade Origami Lighting | Plain Mint Blue | with Cord Set - blaanc FF15 Nina Dress - ElmirasFashionLine Mint slippers felted slippers wool shoes pastel - Storow
Triangles Mint White Gray Leather Collar Bib Necklace Peter Pan Detachable Collar Geometric Shapes Europeanstreetteam - SmArtAnna Mint Macaron Earrings - polymer clay miniature (PRE ORDER) - kukishop Mint Pink and Chocolate Splash Modern Boho Feather Watercolour Painting - Original Modern Art - Home Decor - FeatherAndSixpence geometric crochet tote in pastel mint and pink - IlmondodiTabitha
HARLEQUIN art print 12" x 8" original watercolour illustration Beautiful woman with pink cotton candy hair & ruffles - TheVelvetVillage Mint-gold triangles earrings. Green ear studs from polymer clay - geometry,  gift idea for her, lines - Eternity31 Pillow Cover, Throw Pillow, Nursery Room Pillow, Pastel Colours Pillow, Triangle Pillow, Triangle Pattern - If today goes well - MeninaLisboa Urban necklace, geometric triangle necklace, pastel pink white grey oversized pendant necklace ball chain (CF) - TheFoxAndFig
.*You can pin all this images or click next to pin it button to view every item in ETSY.

you can pin picture below:

What do you think about this? 
What other color combos should I make next time? :)

Love, Monika